• 1. Euro Skank
    2. Deadbeat Brother
    3. Shooting Star
    4. Evil Twin
    5. Room To Room
    6. Begin Again
    7. Witchboard Operator
    8. Assassination Row
    9. No Future Kid
    10. For The Riches
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For the Riches

You and me,
We are not so blind,
To see the way,
We've been changing.
We have long,
Tried to testify,
Shining bright,
When light was fading.
You live well,
But you never even sleep.
Is it fate, you're embracing?
Will you hang on,
When the anchor pulls you deep,
Until you're sleeping with the fishes?

For the riches,
For the riches.

Now, we all know,
That no matter what we say,
Its what we do, here, that's remembered.
All our shadows,
That we work so hard to hide,
Will tell on me,
The way they tell on you, I know,
Does it hurt, does it make you cry,
Do you walk, or do you face it?
Or find a way that you can medicate the pain,
Or are you stayin' for the riches?

For the riches,
For the riches.

Silver leaves,
In a spiral wind,
Make their way, back to heaven.
Dead cut trees,
Are that all we leave behind,
Embers glowin', in the distance.

For the riches,
For the riches.


from the Futura Bold (Deluxe Version), released March 23, 2010
Performed by: James Hall - vocals, guitars. Chris Piskun - guitars, keyboards. Bruce Butkovich - bass, vocals, percussion. Derek Murphy - drums.


all rights reserved


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