• 1. Euro Skank
    2. Deadbeat Brother
    3. Shooting Star
    4. Evil Twin
    5. Room To Room
    6. Begin Again
    7. Witchboard Operator
    8. Assassination Row
    9. No Future Kid
    10. For The Riches
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Deadbeat Brother

Well, it really was a beautiful day,
I was sitting under the trees outside a sidewalk cafe,
And this redhead girl caught the corner of my eye,
She stared at me a little longer than I'd say was polite.
She was looking so distracted and sending out a vibe,
And up above her paper, was a pack of lucky strikes,
So many miles from home, I could sense the desperation,
I'd gone to see the doctor for a little medication,
And I know I got my weakness, and who am I to tell her,
That I wasn't quite a junky, she wasn't quite a hooker.
She didn't ask for money, but it seemed like she was looking,
I turned to walk away, like a dead beat brother.

I was downtown waiting on a train in the station,
The stop was full of people, headed home for the weekend.
When this dark eyed man came up next to me,
It really wasn't long before I could see,
That his eyes were shut so tight, it looked like he was prayin,
And way down in the tunnel, I could hear the train a'comin'.
His prayer became a shout, and then I knew he wasn't waiting,
He jumped before the train, as it came into the station.
I know that I'm a witness to a tragic situation,
And I wasn't quite a hero, or a man upon a mission,
He didn't tell me why, but I guess he had a reason,
I turned to walk away like a dead beat brother.

Don't know how many times,
I might have tried to reach you,
But I wasn't quite a savior,
I wasn't quite a preacher.
I don't really care,
About your dirty little secrets,
You now that I will always be your dead beat brother.


from the Futura Bold (Deluxe Version), released March 23, 2010
Performed by: James Hall - vocals, guitar. Chris Piskun - guitars. Bruce Butkovich - bass, keyboards, theramin, percussion. Darren Dodd - drums.


all rights reserved


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