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    3. Shooting Star
    4. Evil Twin
    5. Room To Room
    6. Begin Again
    7. Witchboard Operator
    8. Assassination Row
    9. No Future Kid
    10. For The Riches
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2,000 Volts

Today I sent a message, knowing my chances of getting response, was small.
I was set on receiving, my heart believing,
I'd be the one who'd take the call.
You just pulled up beside me, knowing my senses were off,
looking so safe and so warm in your car.

Then you held out your hand, before I could recoil,
you sent 2,000 volts to my heart.

When I woke up this morning, I'd had terrible dreams,
I walked up to my headstone in the park.
Junkie angels with bat wings were reaching up from the soil,
but I sensed you had been watching all along.

Well, I ain't got time to hesitate,
I better stop you before you start,
you put 2,000 volts to my heart.
You sent 2,000 volts to my heart.

I see your face in the dream I can't awake from,
I know the rules, but I can't play no more.
You move fast, too fast to follow.
I'm comin back to even up the score.

Now I know what your game is and I won't play along.
Since then, I have been sleeping in my car.
I'll keep my gun beside me and I'll remember your face.
I'll pull over beside you and smile.

Then I'll hold out my hands,
before you can recoil,
I'll send 2,000 volts to your heart.


from the Futura Bold (Deluxe Version), released March 23, 2010
Recorded by: Bruce Butkovich. Mixed by: Bruce Butkovich and Mike Froedge. Performed by: James Hall - vocals, guitars, piano, keyboards, claps. Chris Piskun - guitars, drum intro, claps. Bruce Butkovich - bass, vocals. Darren Dodd - drums. Adam Mackintosh - dying guitar and vocals. Mastered by: Glenn Schick.


all rights reserved


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